Last year in our interview with Loretta Victoria Rothschild we touched on beauty and she let us into one of the secrets to her flawless skin; Linda Ross. In launching Linda Ross products exclusively at STIL Lifestyle we caught up with Loretta to discuss the brand in more detail.

STIL: Can you talk us through your daily skincare routine, both morning and night?

LVR: So I cleanse in the bath with my LR cleanser followed by the Microderm Scrub for about a minute. I didn’t realise you need to scrub for a good minute before, so I do that now every other day.

STIL: You are a mine of information when it comes to beauty, can you share with us what makes Linda Ross and her products products so special?

LVR: The first facial I had I knew I had found gold. She did the Colostrum Mask on me and she dries it REALLY tight with a hair dryer. It made my skin pulsate and when I walked out I looked like I had been on a 4 week holiday. I TRY and get to her twice a month if I can. I don’t let anybody else touch my skin even if I'm travelling. Linda also isn’t shy about her love of extractions. She’s like one of those magnifying mirrors. She can find bumps/white heads on your skin like a ninja.

I took the products home after my first facial and the moment I woke up I knew. For the first time in my adult life my skin didn’t feel dry. I couldn’t wait to put it on again. It has the most wonderful smell and the texture is a dream. I hate creamy sort of gooey textures, I never feel like they are doing anything. This cream is like drinking water. It’s so satisfying. I never realised until I met Linda the huge impact of having someone so wonderful do those really personal and intimate treatments. I am very lucky to be able to have her down the road.

STIL: Few of us will ever get to experience a facial from Linda herself, can you give us a small insight into the experience of having a treatment at Linda Ross?

LVR: It’s proper! To me it’s all the best things that have been learnt about skincare over the decades rolled into one, done by one of the sweetest and most generous ladies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

I booked the El Encanto Signature Facial...I don't know if it was the skin-quenching Linda Ross products (they're made in micro batches in Beverly Hills) or the exfoliation, but I strolled out with a radiant glow.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

As if its stunning Pacific vistas weren't enough, the Ritz offers...the secret spa menu, which for summer includes the 80-minute Rodeo facial.

You spend a lot of time travelling. What are the key products that you have in your handbag for long haul flights?

I learned a trick from Linda Ross who does my facials in LA. She told me to put the moisturizer on with water...I've never looked back.

Celebrities stay glamorous, even when they’re out of town, thanks to celebrity-caliber hotel spas. Located far from sunny SoCal and the celebrity facialists of Beverly Hills, but not far from the splendor of San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay offers a secret spa menu: the “Rodeo Facial.”

Named after the famous shopping center in Beverly Hills, the Rodeo Facial features products by celebrity skincare professional, Linda Ross.

The ultra-luxe treatment was created exclusively for the [Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay] by Linda Ross, one of the most sought-after skincare specialists in Beverly Hills. Ms. Ross’ beauty products are handcrafted in micro-batches, using premium ingredients designed to transform skin back to a youthful glow.

Guests of The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay — the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier luxury resort — can now experience a touch of Beverly Hills glamour with the Rodeo Facial, the latest addition to the resort’s...ultra-luxe treatment was created using Linda Ross skin care products.

Santa Barbara’s only Forbes Five Star resort, Belmond El Encanto features 92 suites and rooms in California Craftsman and Spanish Revival bungalows...

...The Spa at El Encanto, which truly is one of the very best spas in all of California. One of the largest and perfectly designed resort spas, the services are also top notch... Facials using awesome products from Linda Ross, this is a blissful retreat from the stress of life.

After breakfast we recommend making some time to enjoy the hotel’s spa, which features [ world-class products from Beverly Hills’ Linda Ross.]

I wish I could relive getting lathered in propolis and royal jelly - all products courtesy of Beverly Hills facialist Linda Ross. I floated back to my room, my complexion feeling as fresh as a California Garden.

What better way to relax than with an indulgent spa treatment at the [El Encanto.] A facial using gorgeous products from Linda Ross, you'll be in heaven.

Carola Gonzales - Makeup Artist.

"The best Skin Tightening mask ever is Linda Ross. I do it once a week and you truly can see a difference."

Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond welcomes Linda Ross Beverly Hills as the newest spa line added to the spa menu and treatments; the line is also available for purchase at the spa’s apothecary. Skin care professional Linda Ross has worked her magic on the faces of LA’s finest celebrities and socialites for more than 20 years. Using the finest ingredients, Linda handcrafts her products in micro-batches, ensuring them to be cruelty-free and without harsh chemicals. [The Linda Ross] Bevely Hills products will leave guests glowing and rejuvenated, long after vacation has concluded.

According to Los Angeles Magazine, the surreptitious is skincare expert Linda Ross and her product line that brings on their perfection. And she may actually have something. The mystery to looking like a major motion picture star is not just for the rich and famous now that Ross has been revealed in the Hollywood report.

Touting 20 years of experience, numerous appearances in Lucky Magazine and The Style Network, "Linda is one of the most sought out facialists in town is an expert eyebrow archer and body waxer,” according to her personal website. Though she is credited for helping create perfect skin, it is actually the colostrum from a cow’s foremilk that provides enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients that restores balance for a healthy epidermis.

Noted in Forbes Travel Guide for lining the shelves at the exclusive Spa at El Encanto, Ross products also mask the faces of [her clients]. However, what may be even more impressing is that her colostrum filled product can be found in the cosmetic bag of celebrity makeup artist Carola Gonzalez. Speaking of the product line, the makeup guru to the stars makes it clear Ross’ skincare line is great for all skin types.

"It's full of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, natural probiotics and is extremely healing," said Gonzalez to the Hollywood Reporter in 2014. As for the Linda Ross Skin Tightening Mask, it is wondrous, according to Gonzalez, who added "This one is strictly anti-aging. It's designed to bring blood circulation to the surface of the skin, camouflaging fine lines and the signs of aging. This pushes out stagnation and reduces under eye circles."

Telling her story to Los Angeles Magazine, author Navdeep Mundi explains how the moisturizing cow milk worked for her after receiving a spa day, helping her to experience "the equivalent of an ultra-relaxing bath with a decadent moisturizer but for my face."

As an author, the naturally inquisitive Mundi contacted Ross herself to find out more about the secret to the stars. After explaining to Mundi that colostrum is made up of 97 immune factors, 87 natural growth factors, and a variety of probiotics and prebiotics, the skin care professional said "many celebrities use it before work or an event and prior to the application of makeup."

Calling herself a "true lover of the Linda Ross products," reader Teri Montoya commented on Mundi’s report, even revealing her age to prove her point. "I am 50-years-old and get stopped in the supermarket by strangers asking me what product I use, no lie,” she wrote, adding the product is her new addiction. “I believe her products are beneficial to any skin age and will keep you looking refreshed and healthy for many years to come!"

So if you want to have something in common with starlets like Lawrence, Washington and Wilde, simply seek out Linda Ross’ perfected, celebrity-endorsed skincare line.

The creamy product is part of an ultra-exclusive line of skincare that you can't buy online.

Last month I made a wonderful skincare discovery: colostrum.

In the mood to enjoy a beautiful place with an away-from-it-all vibe, I had driven up PCH to visit the spa at the newly revamped Belmond El Encanto resort. I settled in for a Belmond Signature Facial (ask for Jennifer Espinosa, her hands are masterful), and experienced the equivalent of an ultra-relaxing bath with a decadent moisturizer but for my face.

After, I found out that Jennifer had applied Linda Ross Colostrum Mask ($92) to my skin after a deft massage and light peel. The creamy product is part of an ultra-exclusive line of skincare that you can’t even buy online. Linda Ross has been a skincare secret in Beverly Hills for so long and counts so many celebrities as fans that you could mistake a list of its devotees for a guest list for the Soho House—not that the skincare guru would ever name them. I reached out to her to ask about colostrum, which is derived from cow’s foremilk, which itself contains skin-loving vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and other special substances that regenerates the epidermis. She told me that colostrum containing 97 immune factors, 87 natural growth factors, and a variety of probiotics and prebiotics. “Colostrum is very healing on any skin condition, she said, “including acne. On healthy skin, it gives it a beautiful immediate glow! Many celebrities use it before work or an event and prior to the application of make-up.”

While sheet masks are getting their 15-minutes of fame, I’m now hooked onto this mask—which comes in powder form. Mix a tablespoon of the bovine powder with water and then apply it to skin after a good deep scrub. The formula doesn’t feel suffocating to the pores and dries quickly but it’s powerful enough to be my new miracle cure for late nights.

The El Encanto Hotel spa stocks the Beverly Hills - based Linda Ross skin care line.

Lisa Bonbright is the beautiful soul who brought the Gratitude Glow to SoCal. As CEO of Love Serve Remember / Cafe Gratitude, [and the] force behind Los Angeles' three Cafe Gratitude locations, along with Gracias Madre in West Hollywood.

What is your skincare routine?
“I get a facial every two weeks from Linda Ross at Epicore. I am religious about keeping my [skin clean]."
- Lisa Bonbright

Kerry Washington grew up with her makeup artist Carola Gonzalez. Carola has worked with many other celebrities including Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lawrence, and George Clooney. In her blog Carola writes:

As a makeup artist, I’m always searching for the best facial masks to use on my clients, to revive, plump, hydrate, replenish, tighten, and invigorate their skin before an important event. I’ve found two amazing facial masks that truly give immediate, radiant, results on the skin. They are so good, that every time I apply either mask, my boyfriend compliments my skin without knowing I used it. Coming from a man, it definitely tells you it works!

I highly recommend either one, depending on your individual needs:

Linda Ross Colostrum Mask: Can be used on all skin types. It’s full of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, natural probiotics, and is extremely healing. It strengthens the skin’s immune system, prevents bacteria from penetrating the skin, and has anti-aging properties that help the skin stay thick (skin usually thins out as you get older). It can be used as often as you want. This face mask makes skin radiant, heals acne, calms swelling or redness, as well as any irritation on the skin. It can be also used to treat spider or mosquito bites and soothes burns.

Linda Ross Skin Tightening Mask: This one is strictly anti-aging, and WOW, does it work wonders!! It’s designed to bring blood circulation to the surface of the skin, camouflaging fine lines, and signs of aging. This pushes out stagnation and reduces under eye circles. Makes skin tight and carries nutrients which work from the inside out – if you’re healthy on the inside, it’ll reflect on the outside. You can use it on your hands, chest, face, wherever needed. Recommended use, once a week, no more than that. Think of it as a weekly skin therapy.

Just remember, masks only give temporary results that can last up to 5 days. To achieve permanent results they must be used on a regular basis. It’s a great and inexpensive way to wipe away the years and radiate that youthful glow we all strive to achieve without breaking the bank!

Is there one product or treatment that made you feel instantly refreshed when you got home?

America: "A really amazing facial is my beauty indulgence. I go to Linda Ross in Beverly Hills."

America Ferrera Tells Allure: “I go to Linda Ross in Beverly Hills. She is my savior with all the traveling and flying and lack of sleep, her facials save me.”

"I wake up in the morning and wash my face with the Linda Ross MicroDerm Scrub... At night, I use the Anti Aging Face Cream from my facialist Linda Ross."

- America Martin, LA-based painter

One of my personal favorites is Linda Ross at Epicore. Tucked away behind the Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel, Linda leaves no pore untouched with her fastidious cleaning. She has a superb line of her own products including a Miracle Serum which has been a face-saver during New York’s harsh winter.

As she was walking the red carpet for her movie, The Expendables 2, a fan tweeted: "What is your secret in never looking your age? (remarkable)"

Charisma Carpenter responded: "Ah! Linda Ross at Epicore Beverly Hills."

Best of the Best

Our absolute favorites this year


We swear by the thoroughly cleansing, massage-heavy, all-natural facials given by Linda Ross at Epicore by Linda Ross (132-a S. Lasky Dr., 310-278-8847). She's also a whiz at waxing, lash thinning, and brow shaping.

The Best Places


... Epicore 132-a Lasky Dr. 310-278-8847 For a superdeep cleanse, turn to Linda Ross, who specializes in extraction-heavy facials. ... Bonus: the lengthy hand and foot massage.

The Lowdown

Darryl Patterson

...Camera-friendly types are raving about Linda Ross' 90-minute facial at Epicore (132-a Lasky Dr., 310-278-8847), which is topped off with a 10-minute face massage...

Local Breaks

Epicore by Linda Ross, While famous for her massage-laced facials, Linda Ross is also a waxing wizard with a meticulous but delicate touch.


Before bed every night, Rosanna Arquette and Mary Louise Parker use [Linda Ross] Hand and Foot Treatment...

Beauty Talk
Charisma Carpenter

You have beautiful skin. How do you care for it? I swear by getting regular facials from Linda Ross at Epicore in Beverly Hills. I get tons of makeup put on me for television, and I think it's important that my face is clean when I'm not working.

Reunion-ready skin

Each of our candidates met with Linda Ross, the Peninsula Beverly Hills spa consultant aesthetician, who found their most common skin complaints were dry skin, uneven skin tone and fear of wrinkles. Ross gave this advice on simple changes each one could make to her routine to achieve more radiant skin.

- Drink plenty of water. Consume the equivalent of at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day (from food and fluids). "Water for the body is like oil for a car," Ross says. "It makes all the organs work better, including the skin."

The Lucky September listings

The Best Places


132A S. Lasky Dr., 310-278-8847. For a superdeep cleansing, turn to Linda Ross, who speializes in extraction-heavy facials.

Actress Robin Tunney on How to Speak Your Mind

Your shooting schedule must be demanding. How do you relax? I love punishing massages. And I get facials. I alternate between old-fashioned facials from [skin expert] Linda Ross...

Finding a Brow Person

Here, the cross-country superstars:

Los Angeles

Brow Experts at Salons

Who: Linda Ross
Where: Epicore, 132A S. Lasky Dr.
Phone: 310-278-8847

Beautiful Skin Unveiled, EPICORE by Linda Ross

Beautiful women are taking beauty and the business of it beyond traditional and into exceptional. This article is part of a series featuring these women.

Women, clear off your countertops and clean out your drawers full of products! Linda Ross has changed the way we need to take care of our skin. She not only simplified the amount of products needed, but amped up the products to deliver desired results without harmful effects. View slideshow: EPICORE BY LINDA ROSS

Linda Ross is a beauty esthetician and skin-care expert. She owns the renowned Epicore by Linda Ross in Beverly Hills, CA. Linda Ross and Epicore have been featured in many magazines several times, including Lucky, In Style, and Shape as well as being mentioned in Harper's Bazaar. She and her products are a must have for many top celebrities.

With a sales and marketing background, Linda Ross was a very successful Independent Contractor for Epicuren Discovery as one of their top-selling representatives for fourteen years. Linda started working with Epicuren when they were running the company out of a home, and grew her accounts to include Epicuren's first five star, five-diamond hotels: The Peninsula Hotel of Beverly Hills.

Followed by The Peninsula of New York. Linda began educating the staff on the products and designed the spa menu at both Peninsula locations. In the first year, the Peninsula Beverly Hills retail sales doubled in size and the Peninsula New York's revenue grew 40% more than they had anticipated.

After many years of working with her own personal clientele and Epicuren Discovery accounts, she used her expertise, education and passion to create her own one-of-a-kind line of products. Linda created a skincare program that is simplified, using a handful of results-oriented products that are affordable. Epicore by Linda Ross is where I enjoyed a remarkable facial.

The Epicore Boutique is blissful; the space is peaceful, intimate and inviting. As I lay down to begin my facial, candles were lit, creating a warm environment that went with the soft music.

As Linda began, she shared that she uses her hands instead of machines. "Machines cannot mimic the hands, working on the pressure points, and they don't feel as good." Linda works inside out; she wants to know about her clients, including their habits. Her hands are a powerful resource and benefit the skin with her knowledgeable touch and productive products.

Linda began cleansing my face manually and the cleanser naturally foamed and cleaned away the dirt. This product is fantastic for removing make-up. With the exception of waterproof mascara, it gently removes dirt and cosmetics. It is a no-tear formula, so there was no need to worry about getting it in my eyes.

Linda proceeded to apply the Micro-derma Scrub. The tiny morsels are distinctive, but are not rough on the skin like some scrubs can be. This original scrub can be used everyday! Linda then applied a light peel that she said would not burn my skin, and it did not.

Essential oils were used while steaming my skin to prep for extractions. Linda saw things I had no idea existed. I doubt my skin has ever been that clean! Linda uses her hands for extractions, not instruments that she said can leave marks on the face. "You can get the deeper stuff out with your finger." Of course no marks were left on my face. In fact the results, which we will get to soon, were amazing.

Linda then applied a pulsating mask that feeds the skin from the inside out while bringing the blood to the surface. It was powerful. Linda then she removed the mask and began to massage my skin, face and neck area; touching the pressure points, draining the lymphatic system and circling the jaw for headaches and sinus pressure points. It worked. My nose dripped a little after the facial, clearing everything out.

She then massaged two of her unique creams into my face. The first light blue contains essentials oils and a bio-engineered molecule. "It’s about results," Linda shared. "It’s the best anti aging ingredients that work synergistically with your skin and is sustainable." The second cream is her Propolis & Royal Jelly Cream. This healing agent of vitamins and nutrients also feeds the skin. Both creams fell light on your skin.

I got up from the table, not wanting to leave. I felt comfortable through each phase of the facial, and now it was time to examine the results.

I was literally blown away when I saw my eyes. No bags, and no dark circles! Never have I received a facial where the area under my eyes was as white as a teenager! My skin looked smoothed and taut and it felt fresh. Last night I was at the tailor. The topic of age came up, and a 24 year-old man was asked to guess my age. He threw out his number and I thanked him because he removed eleven years!

Without negative side effects, Linda's products transform the aging process. I continue to use Linda Ross's products today because I genuinely feel and see the difference with my skin. [A little] bit of cream is mixed with water in my hands and I apply it to my face and neck area. It feels light and is not greasy. Next I do the same technique with the Propolis Royal Jelly Cream. This cream provides protein and vitamins that are instantly absorbed into the skin. That's all there is to it. It takes only few minutes and the result is beautiful skin. Linda's Colostrum mask is an original that I use once a week. I have never tried anything like it before and this mask is hormone free and great for any type of skin.

Make the opportunity to visit the Epicore by Linda Ross in Beverly Hills. Linda shared that she puts her heart and soul in her products and with her clients. From my experience she does that and more. Linda will make your skin look the best it ever has. If visiting is not possible, you can still get great benefits by using her products. They work and each product lasts for three months!

Linda Ross – 310.278.8847

For the client who seriously wants to save face, Linda Ross is one of LA's most sought after facialists. However, these facials are not for the faint of heart, as her treatments have been dubbed Facial Boot Camp by many.

Ross' oasis is tucked in a little Beverly Hills hideaway. She has a strict regime that will leave clients with flawless dewy California skin. She uses a cocktail of products she has custom blended which include ingredients like natural growth factors, essential oils, and the latest miracle product - royal jelly

Ross individualizes each treatment. Her philosophy is straightforward. She is not into gimmicks or fads and believes in tried-and-true methods. Clients speak volumes about her professionalism.

Ross begins with an extreme cleansing and exfoliation, followed by some serious pore cleansing that gives new meaning to word "extraction." A custom blended mask is then applied. Ross ends the facial by applying her specially blended products to the skin. The nurturing products, combined with a 10 minute facial massage, penetrate and stimulate blood flow to the skin. We left looking unblemished and radiant.

If leaving with a fresh and youthful glow is not enough for you, she is also an expert waxer and eyebrow technician who can give new life to your reckless brows in minutes.

Epicore by Linda Ross
132-A South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 278-8847