Facial - Starting at $200


Eyebrows - Starting at $45
Lip - $17
Arms - $40
Full Leg - $80
Half Leg - $40
Underarm - $18
Bikini - $40
Brazilian - $70
Back - $85

Ross begins each facial with a gentle cleanse followed by exfoliation and a light peel to remove dead skin cells. She then does extractions - she can go deep or light depending on your pain threshold. She is a master extractor and will get all of the congestion out of your skin. Her goal is to thoroughly cleanse the pores to minimize their size resulting in a more youthful appearance. Extractions are followed by a custom blended mask and then "Linda's" signature facial massage, where she uses her anti-aging and nutritive products. Her massage is the best part of her facial and what all of her clients like the best. She covers all of the major pressure points in the face. Using sweeping precise movements, she achieves maximum products penetration, while increasing blood flow which also facilitates lymphatic drainage. Clients leave her chair with glowing skin and a huge smile.

On the body, Linda uses a soft wax from Europe that is not commonly used in the US. Linda has found that this wax is gentler on the skin. The wax sticks to the hair instead of the skin so that when she removes the wax she is able to get the entire hair out at the root while leaving the skin less red and irritated.

On the face, Linda uses a hard wax. She applies it to the face, lets it dry and then peels it off using her hands. No muslin or linen necessary. The wax is super gentle and less messy than traditional honey wax.