March, 2016

Dear Linda,

It is with great pleasure that I write to thank you for the unparalleled service you have provided to the Belmond Hotels USA Inc.  Our guests deserve and expect excellence in all facets of their experience.  Initially when we approached you to design our Spa menu after extensive renovation and grand reopening of Belmond El Encanto and subsequently redesigning the Spa menu to reposition the Spa at Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond, we hoped you could help us to provide a Spa offering to our guests that would be commensurate with the high quality and superior standards of Belmond brand itself.  I am pleased to say that the consulting work you have provided has exceeded our hopes and expectations, in every way, and has played an important role in elevating the quality of spa services, resulting in enhanced guest satisfaction, the hallmark of our business.

Your extensive expertise and knowledge has assisted us in so many ways, from designing a distinguished and prestigious array of facial and body treatments keeping us at the forefront of the industry, to assisting us in finding the best equipment to serve our guests.  On a personal note, it continues to be a supreme pleasure to work with you.  You have consistently demonstrated complete professionalism, enthusiasm and grace in every circumstance, where we have called on you for assistance.

From a business perspective, the Linda Ross Beverly Hills products have surpassed our expectations for both revenue and customer satisfaction for facial services performed at each property.  The technique training you have provided to our estheticians is invaluable, greatly enhancing all the services on the spa menu, and ensuring our treatments achieve the desired results for our guests.

We are delighted with our continuing association with you, and I am very pleased to be able to recommend your services and the Linda Ross Beverly Hills product line.

Sincerely yours,

Ali Kasikci


Linda Ross of Beverly Hills
132-A South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

March 23, 2016

Dear Linda,

I am writing to thank you for the consultation services you provided at Inn at Perry Cabin, Linden Spa.

Your assistance in redesigning our Spa Menu has been very successful.  Linda Ross of Beverly Hills skincare line has also drawn rave reviews.  We at the Belmond Hotels pride ourselves on our reputation as an industry leader.  The innovative and exculsive services now available in our new spa menu has fulfilled our intent to have our Spa meet that same level of excellence.

Throughout your engagement, we have consistently been impressed by your commitment to hard work, professionalism, and industry knowledge.  It’s clear you love what you do, and that passion translates to the services and products you provided.

I am pleased to report that our Spa has seen revenue increase of 6% since our new menu was implemented.  Our retail skincare product sales have increased 63%.  The Linda Ross Beverly Hills product line has exceeded our expectations.  It is notable that our guests continue to purchase your products after leaving our property.  We also truly appreciate the technical training you provided to our therapists.  There is no question that our guest’s satisfaction has increased dramatically, and that is a credit to you.

Linda, it is with great pleasure that I recommend your consulting services and skin care products to anyone who may be considering them.  It has been a real pleasure to work with you, and we look forward to our continuing relationship and wish you much success in the future.


Hein Olckers
General Manager



Ms. Linda Ross
132-A South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

May 1, 2016

To whom it may concern:

It is a great honor to recommend Ms. Linda Ross and her products to any company or client that is looking for a dedicated, knowledgable and exceptional service.  Linda has been providing the Belmond El Encanto Linda Ross Beverly Hills products since our grand reopening in 2014.  Through her expert guidance and training of all our service providers she has been instrumental in generating menu ideas of the highest quality that our guests come to expect from a Forbes Five Star rated Resort.

Her comprehension and enthusiasm has been invaluable as she mentors our estheticians and retail staff.  Her training has encompassed not only the proper use and techniques, but an in-depth understanding of her products which has enabled our team members to preform and sell at the highest level.  Through Linda's support and actions our spa revenues grew 18% from 2014 through 2015.

Linda's passion for her service and skin care products is infectious and a true asset to our team with her partnership.


Shaun O’Bryan
Resort Manager
Belmond El Encanto
Santa Barbara, CA


The Peninsula Beverly Hills

March 29, 2001
Epicore, Inc.
132-A South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90201

Dear Linda:

I write to thank you for the invaluable assistance you have provided to The Peninsula Beverly Hills throughout the integral changes we have made at The Peninsula Spa.

Your extensive expertise has helped us in so many ways, from allowing us to select the best equipment to serve our guests to assisting us in designing a comprehensive and compelling array of treatments and services that has kept The Peninsula Spa at the forefront of the industry.

The excellent training that you provide on an on-going basis for our therapists ensures that we continue to provide our guests with the same superior level of service in our Spa that we strive for throughout The Peninsula Beverly Hills.  In all circumstance where you have represented The Peninsula Spa and aided us in introducing our treatments and product to the public and to the media, you have consistently displayed only complete professionalism, enthusiasm and grace.

We are delighted to be associated with you and I cannot recommend [your services] highly enough.

Kind regards,

Ali Kasikci


The Peninsula Spa Beverly Hills

Ms. Linda Ross
Epicore, INC.
132-A South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

March 27, 2001

Dear Linda,

We are thrilled with the successful transition form our old treatment and [product line] and appreciate the hard work, dedication and professionalism you have exhibited throughout the process.

We want you to know how please all of us in the Spa at the Peninsula Beverly Hills are with the services you [have provided] and supplied to us.

In addition due to your thorough training both in services and retail sales our sales have doubled in size.

We look forward to you continuing to serve and maintain our account and wish you much success in the future.  We highly [recommend you] for other spas, hotels, and other similar venues.

Please feel free to use this letter as a reference or recommendation to anyone who may consider using your services.

Best personal regards,

Yours truly,

Patricia Davis
Spa Director
Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills


Hualalai Resort

August 28, 2006

To whom it may concern,

It is a great honor to recommend Linda Ross to any company or client that is looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable and exceptional Service Representative.  Linda and I have worked together since Hualalai Sports Club & Spa began offering facial services.  Through her expertise in creating facial and body services, she has been instrumental in generating menu ideas that are of the highest quality that our guests expect, while seamlessly complimenting the theme of our spa.

Her knowledge and enthusiasm has been invaluable in the training of my esthetician and retail staff.  This training has encompassed not only the proper use, but also an in-depth knowledge of her products, which has enabled my staff to perform and sell at a high standard.  Through Linda’s action, facial revenues exceeded expectations this past year at Hualalai Sports Club & Spa.

I am convinced Linda would be an asset to any team.


Jennifer Young
Spa Services Manager
Hualalai Sports Club and Spa


Pebble Beach

February 4, 2004

Ms. Linda Ross
Epicore, Inc.
132-A South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Dear Linda:

The reputation of Pebble Beach demands that we provide our guests with the highest standard of product [and services].

Linda, I have particularly appreciated the outstanding service you have provided.  You seem to intuit when our products might be running low and call to inquire whether anything is needed.  You let us know when a holiday is approaching and shipping might be delayed.  You are always available but never intrusive and we have grown to rely on your expertise and innovative treatment ideas.

You provide a professional training staff that is warm, friendly and knowledgeable.  By motivating our staff and continually providing an in-depth product knowledge, our staff is kept focused and interested during trainings.  At the conclusion of training they leave motivated and enthusiastic with a renewed focus on the service they provide our guests. 

Thank you for your reliability and [continued support].


Laura Davidson


The Spa at Pebble Beach


The Peninsula Spa New York

October 7, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of [Linda Ross].

[Linda Ross] gives us a lot of support, she travels to New York several times a year to educate the staff [on new] treatments.  We also work together in offering incentive programs for the staff, Ms. Ross provides us with prizes ranging from money, [theatre tickets] and all kinds of fun stuff to motivate employees [to sell].  I will be more than happy to answer any further questions about this matter, you can reach me at 212-903-3093

[We consistently] surpass our budgeted retail numbers.  [I will] be more than happy to answer any further questions about this matter, you can reach me at 212-903-3093.

Best Regards,

Enid Aquino
Spa Director


Quail Lodge

December 4, 2002

Linda Ross
132-A South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Dear Linda,

I would like to thank you for [your support] into our spa.  Due to your thorough training we are happy with the results since we opened over a year ago.  [Our staff] has the confidence in assisting our guests in selecting the best treatments for their specific needs.

We are very pleased with the treatments you have designed exclusively for the Quail Lodge Spa.  We are getting more and more repeat business because our guests love the results from each service they receive.  Our retail sales keep growing within the spa and our sales continue even after guests have returned home as they call us to purchase more products.

We certainly appreciate all of the attention and time you provide to ensure that all of our needs are always met.  We value your continued service and support.

Best regards,

Virginia Trustman
Spa Director
Quail Lodge Spa


"Seventeen years ago I was introduced to Linda Ross.  I have been her client on a consistent basis ever since for facials and waxing.  It is hard to believe there is anyone better.  Almost 2 years ago I started using Linda's skin care cream and my face literally began to glow.  People began to ask me what was different about my face.  Some even asked what type of injections I was doing (which isn't my thing).  I then started giving the cream to friends and everyone loved it. 

I consistently send friends to Linda and they become her dedicated clients.  Throughout the year as the different seasons affect my skin, Linda advises me on how to best keep it moistened and nourished.  I see Linda monthly and so enjoy her help and advice and simply love her skincare treatment."


"I’ve been a Linda Ross/EPICORE devotee for 18 years.  Her products are amazing and you only need to use a few as part of your daily routine.  I constantly get compliments on my skin.  I use her anti aging moisturizer every night and it makes such a different.  My skin is glowing and refreshed every morning.  I couldn’t recommend Linda’s products enough!"


"I had the pleasure of meeting Linda 19 years ago.  I have continued to watch her provide unparalleled attention to her clients with best-in-class service.  I started seeing Linda for waxing.  Let’s just put it this way — she saved my eyebrows! I'm scared to think about what I would look like now, 19 years later, had I not met Linda.  Once she saved my eyebrows and removed all the "unnecessary hair", I started getting facials.  I was hooked.  My skin has never looked better!  Linda's anti-aging cream is the best product I have ever used.  My skin absolutely glows and when people ask what I'm doing differently, of course I tell them about this 'magic potion'.  I'm convinced it's magic.

Linda cares about her clients and you immediately feel it.  She is the epitome of class, but the bottom line is she knows what works and will consistently deliver results for each client, independently without question.  She is the real deal."


"Linda's skincare products are transformational! I was referred to her years ago, and have never looked back. Her products make dull skin glow! If you're lucky enough to have found this secret...stock up!!!"


"Linda Ross is a gem.  She puts her heart into every product, every service.  The glow I always leave with is the result of her incredible expertise and the love that pours out of her for all of her clients.

I have been a client of Linda’s since the 1990's.  I am going to quickly sound like an infomercial, but she is the bomb.  I use her products, get facials and waxing.  I am constantly asked about my skin and who does my eyebrows.  It's all Linda!  There is no skin issue that she cannot overcome, no misshapen eyebrow that she cannot fix.  Her healing balms, masks, oils are a staple in my house.  We are always reaching for them in a pinch.  And as I've said, she's more than a beautiful face (and she is Beautiful!), to know Linda, is to love her.  She has spent countless years perfecting her line, right down to the packaging.  Simplicity at its finest.  With our crazy busy lives, to only need one cream is a dream.  The anti-aging cream is a miracle in a jar.  The glow you leave with, stays with you as long as you use her products.

If you want to be radiant, spend a little time with Linda.  Soak in the love, the products and the process, a you will be amazed at how vibrant you look and feel."


"I have been a client of Linda Ross/Epicore for just over 17 years.  It is difficult to find a winning combination of client service and products that work, but Linda has figured out the formula and manages to consistently deliver on both.  I used to have adult acne and was on prescription medication, both topical and oral, for years.  Once Linda developed her skincare line, and knowing how many years of research and effort she put into making sure her products were natural and effective; and that she oversaw every aspect of the products from ingredients to manufacturing to packaging and distribution, I decided to give them a try and stopped taking the prescription medication.  Within a month my skin began to clear up and I have used nothing but Linda Ross facial products for the past 5 years, with no reoccurrence of acne.

Linda truly cares about her clients and maintaining the integrity of her skincare line.  The high level of client loyalty that Linda has is a testament to both of those things."


"I was referred to Linda by one of the celebrity makeup artists I represent.  After my first facial, not only did my skin look completely refreshed and like a few years had fallen away, I also felt like I had the best pore cleaning of my life! I have been an avid fan of Linda’s ever since.  Regular visits have kept my milia in check as well – I have almost zero signs of it anymore! I’m also completely obsessed with her products.  Her cleanser is amazing, and both the anti-aging cream and skin-tightening masks are like magic.  They hydrate and refresh my skin to minimize fine lines so I seriously look like my face went back in time.  The Colostrum Mask is super healing after a facial and for spot treatments at night too.  As someone who works in the beauty industry, I can easily get a comped facial or free product, but I continue to see Linda and purchase her products because they feel great and really work.  I’ve never seen my skin look better."


"Linda Ross has changed my life and the way I treat and look at skin care. My skin has never looked smoother. Her facials are rejuvenating and truly make the skin glow. If you are looking for a deep facial cleansing, she’s the one to see, and her skin care products are out of this world! I’ve been going to her for the past 8 years and nobody has ever made my skin look as healthy and radiant as she has. She’s the most knowledgeable person I know about skin care and my skin speaks for itself thanks to her."

"There is no one on the planet who gives your skin an incredible deep cleaning like Linda! When I came to her my pores were noticeable and now they are non-existent. She is my secret for flawless glowing skin. Her Propolis Mask is a travel essential. I never go anywhere without it."


"I am sure that I have been Linda’s most difficult client in all the 15 years that she has been doing my waxing and facials! I have the worst combination skin - hyper sensitive excema patches, deep breakouts and these little white milia that pop up all over the place.  Because my skin is so easily irritated I never trusted the recommendations for creams and tonics of skin care specialists and I have never let anyone work on my face because it would just irritate me.  In addition to skin issues, I have big eyebrows...

Linda has always been incredibly patient with me.  I first started to see her to shape my eyebrows because I refused to get facials.  She does an amazing job with my brows.  She keeps them full and groomed but natural to my face.  After a few years with my eyebrows, Linda began to suggest I try a facial with her.  She was obviously very aware of my skin issues and promised me she could help.  She was right! I still have a hard time believing that I look forward to her facials now.  My skin looks and feels so much better after seeing her - my pores are smaller, the red patches go away, the while milia are gone and my skin is smooth and glowing.

Linda has always been highly selective with the products she uses and tailors my facials according to what she sees going on in my skin.  But I still wasn’t committed to the products she was selling.  When she told me she was developing her own line of skin care products I dared to let myself get excited because I knew it was going to be great.

Linda did not disappoint.  The anti-aging cream is amazing.  I have used La Mer and other expensive creams but this is a wonder product.  It's the perfect weight and smells really good.  It calms my irritable skin, keeps it moist without causing break outs.  Recently I have begun to use the Colostrum Mask on my own outside of her facials because it is so healing for my excema.  I have even used it on my daughter who unfortunately inherited excema from me.  We put a small dab of the mask on spots and let it sink in overnight.  Redness and flakiness are practically gone overnight .

From the biggest cynic - I can honestly tell you that Linda has knowledge about skincare that you can trust."


Linda Ross is a true gem!

When Linda was recommended to me 3 years ago by a friend and celebrity make up artist, I was convinced that I had an allergy that was responsible for small bumps on my face.  I'd been to many dermatologists that had recommended all kinds of treatments and toxic creams.  After one session with Linda and switching to her brilliant line of skincare products, my skin has been trouble free and has never looked better.  What I love most about Linda is her philosophy and commitment to her clients to achieve the brightest, healthiest skin possible from the inside out.  Linda is extremely skilled, knowledgeable, and keeps it simple and effective.  She's almost to good to share!!


"Skin whisperer.  Healer.  Magician.  Just a few adjectives that describe the incomparable Linda Ross.  We first met when I was writing a Los Angeles guide to the best facials in town.  After my first visit, I was hooked and have been a dedicated client for 20 years.  I have since moved to NYC however I fly back to LA quarterly to see her as my skin and I are addicted.  Her bespoke skincare line is easy to use and packed with pure ingredients that feel good on my skin.  I slather the Anti Aging Serum on my face and neck before long haul flights to combat dehydration and arrive looking radiant.  While I unfortunately cannot see her every month, her skincare keeps me flawless in between facials.  If that weren’t enough, she is also a master waxer.  She is the ultimate one stop beauty shop."


"I wanted to take a moment to recommend Ms. Linda Ross and her skin products.

Sometimes in life you are lucky enough to be in the right place, at the right time.  One day while at lunch with a good friend, I noticed a lady sitting next to me who had the most beautiful and flawless skin.  I took a moment to complement her and her first words back to me were, “My face is in thanks to Linda.” Within seconds, she provided me Linda’s information to make an appointment that I would never regret.

Well almost 10 years later, I absolutely can say my skin is in a good place and people often ask me what I am doing to reverse my aging process.  I am also lucky enough to say now, my face is in thanks to Linda.

Though I would like to go every week, my monthly appointment is often the best part of my month.  On top of keeping my face in tip top shape, catching up with Linda also is so enjoyable.  Her enthusiasm for my wellbeing, beyond my face, is like having an all-around wellness coach on your side.

I am also a fan of her skin care line.  Using her creams and masks are life savers in between appointments so I can maintain during my visits.  The Jelly crème is my favorite and is a great reminder of my monthly visit that I enjoy so much.

Linda’s passion for her business and her clients is infectious and something I am so lucky I get to be a part of in my life."


"I have been a devoted fan and client of Linda Ross for over twenty five years.  I have never known somebody who knows more or cares more about skin than Linda Ross.  She has done years of meticulous research to come up with a skincare line like no other.  Her products are better than anything out there.  I use her anti age cream along with the propolis cream religiously."


"Linda Ross's products and services not only make you look beautiful, change and better your skin, but she herself is beautiful person and someone you would want to know and call a friend.

Her knowledge of skin care and understanding of nutrition is such that I find myself asking her questions and getting answers that I can believe in and trust.  Linda Ross cares about the longevity of your health and your skin.

I use my Linda Ross products everyday - my skin craves her serum and moisturizer- and the slight natural scent makes me happy knowing I'm putting the best thing for my skin on my skin.

Linda Ross's facials can be deep or light.  So if you have a hot date you can look rejuvenated and not like you just had a deep facial or you can go in knowing your gonna get some things handled.  It's pretty awesome.

But that's because she's not just doing what she does.  Linda Ross is present and aware that each face needs different attention and her years of expertise is there to make sure you look and feel your best.

And we all feel best when we feel beautiful.

Everyone I refer to Linda Ross's products and services becomes a happy devoted follower with glowing skin.



As I look over Linda's testimonials before I write mine I read the same intro over and over again. "I have been going to Linda for the last 15 years ... 17 years ... 20 years."

Mine will start the same. I have been going to Linda Ross for more than 15 years. That in itself says it all. Anyone in the skincare business that keeps her clients for decades knows her stuff.

Linda's products and services are amazing. But most important to me is that Linda is amazing. Always accommodating. Always a smile on her face. Making time for me in a last minute emergency, running quarters to my meter and making me laugh. Showering me with the most wonderful samples and even chocolate as I run out the door.

Linda will make you look beautiful. She will make your skin glow and give you beautiful products to keep that glow. She will also make you feel beautiful and honestly that is ultimately why we go in the first place.


"I have been seeing Linda Ross for facials for over 19 years.  My mother is a client, my daughter will be.  Her products are so awesome I have to buy two of everything because my husband steals them, not just uses because they're on my counter, but actually covets (I've found them in his closet)."